Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 11 - Shylo was able to go to the Temple!

Week 3 - Wed., May 11, 2016

Esta semana went so fast! We got to call home for 30 minutes this week for Mother´s Day! It was so much fun being able to talk to my familia and tell them about the CCM and what it´s like to be a missionary so far! Sorry for no email last week it was so crazy busy but I got to send some pictures!

But this week was so awesome, we got to attend the temple and get to go again today! We have our ‘investigadores’ that we teach in the casitas aquí en el CCM! They are doing so well and are working towards baptism!

One really amazing and Spiritual experience this week was when we were teaching our investigador Matias, and we wanted our invitation to be baptism. So we went in and taught about repentance which evolved into baptism which evolved into el plan de salvación, but the Spirit was so strong. We just testified and el Espíritu Santo did the rest of the work. We walked out and just said a prayer to Dios saying thank you so much for letting us feel that and thank you so much for teaching through us what the Spirit wanted. It was so amazing and my testimony definitely grew from that experience.

This week has been full of emotions here! We hit our three week mark which meant that the group of missionaries before us got to head out into the campo misional. Our norteamericano friends all headed out into Perú and Bolivia, and all of our latino Elderes and Hermanas left for the campo misional as well! Such a bitter-sweet goodbye. But the new groups of misioneros have arrived and I am so excited that they are here because yesterday the CCM was so sad and empty. But there are Hermanas that are here that are going to my same mission so I am very excited that I got to meet them, they are from Ecuador!

So yes, this week has just been packed full of classes, classes, and food. The spirit is so strong here in the CCM and I thank my Padre Celestial that I get to be here serving Him. This gospel is true, and God loves us all. 

Until next week, Hermana Lawrence.

Our Zone

Outside the CCM - This is Lima!

Shylo said the taxi driver got mad at her for taking a picture but she said that was fine. She wanted one anyway!

In front of the Lima, Peru Temple

She was so very happy to go to the Temple!

Shylo and her companion, Hermana O'Brien

More of Lima as they drove through the streets

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