Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 20 - Shylo made it to Peru! :)

Wed. Apr. 20, 2016

Hola familia! So yes I made it safely to Peru and no my trackphone
didn`t work! I apologize for my spelling I dont know how to work the
keyboard yet. So I got my name tag this morning and it was amazing! I
ate breakfast this morning and had huevos, jamon, y yogur. Fue
deliciosa! Everyone here speaks spanish and I actually understand more
than I thought I would! Mi companera es Hermana Richardson, yes momma,
the one that Kristi knows. She`s awesome. My Pdays will be on
Wednesday. I love all of you very much, but Peru is amazing. I`ve
never seen anything like it. There are no rules on the road and I
thought I was going to die. It is very humid here, I feel like I am in
a swimming pool all the time. Everything looks very third world...the
buildings the computers and even the people. However they are very
kind and very humble. I get to teach an investigador this week, and we
have already been warned about the sickness. The siempres y los
nuncas. I don`t know which one sounds worse. Peru is very warm and
Lima is very large. Lots of different plants, but the people all look
the same, which is not like me. One story I do have to tell though is
that somehow my lock on my carryon got changed and I couldnt open it,
so I had to get it cut off. Happy day from the CCM over here in Peru.
I have never felt so white in my entire life, everyone stares at me
and compared to all of them I look like a piece of bread. I love you
all very much and will talk to you in a week. You will have lots of
stories to hear. Te quiero mucho.

Hermana Lawrence

Matt Micheli (Christy Houskeeper's brother) was on the same flight as Shylo!
This is just after landing in Miami and getting ready to fly to Peru!

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