Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Aug. 29 - Week 13 in Ica

Aug. 29, 2016                Week 13 in Ica, Peru:

I am sorry to tell you that I don´t really have much news!! I have had a good week but have definitely felt Satan trying to bring me down! But we are always stronger! The family sounds like everyone is doing really well! I am so happy about that!!

This week we have left a few investigadores behind but we are setting our sights onto more that want to progress in the gospel! I really hope that I am here for the baptism of my investigadora Jenny who is the best! And Fernanda too! It would be the best to see them baptized while here in Ica, they are progressing so well and are feeling the presence of Jesucristo in their lives.

Personally I am doing well! I am exercising thanks to Hna Mostert! We run monday, tuesday, thursday, friday and then I stretch and dance the other two days(: She wants to run more but I like to dance so we make it even more or less(; But even though we are having a hard time in the area we are doing really well as a companionship! We work very well together and we thankfully haven´t had any disscussions we get along really well! Its the best! The mission is the best! Goodness I cannot believe that almost 5 months has passed since I´ve been in the states or speaking english and I can feel myself starting to struggle to find words in english and spelling is the worst, I think Ive spelt a few things wrong and I try to change it but it all looks wrong so I just leave it. 

Well today we will be traveling back to Lima. Hna Mostert has a capacitacion this time and I will be working in Bolognesi with the Hnas or in another place in Lima where I went last time. The mission life is the best and I don´t want to picture my life without it! I can´t imagine where I would be without the mission!

The story of the week! We were contacting in the street and we contacted a lady named Primitiva! She was really catholic but told us she had a box of Books of Mormon that we could come pick up! We were stoked we always need more Books of Mormon! So we went to her house and we picked up not just a box of like 10 books, but 40 Books of Mormon!!!!! We picked up a box that they sent in 2003 and we now have 40 Books of Mormon in our house! That´s the best!! We are contacting for a reason and the Lord always blesses us when we are obedient to His commandments!! I think that that is something I didn´t know when I was home, that blessing really always come when we are obedient. Would have saved me some hard times, but it´s the best now that I´ve learned it here in the mission! 

Well life is good and I love being a missionary!

Love, Hermana Lawrence

These are the books found in the house of a sister who is not a member! Woohoo! 40 Books of Mormon!! And our area this change happened here in Ica! We now have 2 new ones that do not speak any Spanish and have like 2 weeks in the mission! I remember my first week and I'm already finished agradacida (; I love them a lot !!! With love, 
Sister Lawrence

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