Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Oct. 4 - Goodbyes are so hard ... Bye Ica! Hello Bolognesi!

Oct. 4, 2016      Goodbye to Ica – Hello to Bolognesi - Week One

It was a sad goodbye this week as I packed my bags and headed for Lima. Through a lot of tears and pictures I finally made it through the transfer and am settled in my new area. That I already know. It is Bolognesi. And I have the cutest companion, Hermana Couper. She is the best! I am grateful to be her companion! A little nervous to be senior companion but we are going to work crazy hard and be obedient! It is going to be a good transfer! 

The goodbye was sad and we got to take a lot of pictures! But I feel happy here in my area with my new companion and know that there is nothing I can do about the transfer so I decide to face it with a good attitude and a smile. That's about all you can do(: So it is good! I am doing well health wise and am happy to be here in Lima even though it is colder than Ica. I look a little tubby in the pictures but what can ya do? Everything is well here in Lima and we are ready to work hard and memorize the area together(: I am glad that the family is doing well!!

Love you to the moon and beyond and miss you momma!!!!
Love, your little girl, 
Hermana Lawrence 

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