Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Monday, October 10, 2016

Oct. 10 - Week 2 in Lima, Bolognesi

It sounds like you had an awesome week! Crazy but really good! Guess what I found out that Hna Mostert got bit by a dog this week...crazy! But she is doing well so it is all good(: And this week I don't have any journal entries to send but I will tell you about the adventures of this week...

What a week it has been. This has been a good change and I am excited to keep working hard. But this week has been a little bit difficult, nothing that I can't handle with the help of the Lord but yes a little bit difficult. Hard. This week was hard. We walked a lot and have been working hard together to find the medium of how we are going to work this transfer. So far it has been good. My companion has been sick and fighting the flu and stomach problems and it has been really cold in the night but I continue on and I keep smiling(: I have keep an unusually good attitude this week but I think it is because I have trusted a lot more in the Lord this week. 

I realized that there is no way that I can do this without Him, I have felt my love for Him deepen and I have felt like I have started to develop the Christlike attributes that I need in my life. So all of them. jaja. But I truly have been humbled to work here in the mission. I am sad that I almost have 6 months but I am humbled to be considered a servant of the Lord.
I am grateful that the family is doing well. It has been a while since I heard from Maya and Oaklee but tell them that I love them so much and am proud of them(: I am so proud of dad too! That is awesome! I hope that all is going well with Nutcracker...a little nervous because I haven't heard anything about that...but I know that it is going well and that you are as happy as a school girl on pajama day(; I love you so very much momma and hope that youare doing well as well! I love you to the moon and beyond and I loved your story about the students/returned missionaries that you helped that is awesome! Go momma! 
Love you to the moon and beyond mami! Love you love you love you!!! 
Love, your little girl, Hermana Lawrence



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