Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sept. 26 - 17 weeks in Ica, Peru

Sept. 26, 2016             Week 17 in Ica, Peru

Momma! Well what a week it has been here in Ica! We finally found our investigadora Jenny who had a baptismal date...she vanished...but then came to church on Sunday! I pray every day that I can stay here in Ica for one transfer more to watch all of our investigadores with a baptismal date be baptized! If it is the will of Heavenly Father I will gladly stay one more transfer(: But if not I know that they will be baptized and the only thing that matters is that they are firm in the gospel, not that I was there for the baptism.

I really enjoyed your letter this week! I have stayed away from certain foods and I think that I look more like myself haha but I feel better! So that is good and a blessing from my Heavenly Father! I hope that the family is doing well! I haven´t heard much from Caiden or Maya but I hope that they are doing well too. I hope that Bree goes to the doctor and starts feeling better soon!

But this week we had a lot of changes here in our area, we have left some investigadores, changed some baptismal dates, and found more people to baptize! This week has been a good week personally and I have learned a lot about myself and the missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be. Well, we dropped our investigadora Fernanda, who told us that she felt more comfortable in the Catholic church with her family and that was really sad but we can´t change her agency. So on to more people that are going to progress! Jenny finally came back into the picture and she told us that she is ready to be baptized finally! And our investigador Martin also came to church and told us that he is looking forward to being a member of the ward! Our less active family Orrego are doing very well and will be rescued before the end of this transfer and told us that they have their interviews set with Bishop for their temple recommends! I hear sealing bells(: <3 So much love for that little family! Also our less active Family Fernandez came to church and are doing well! We will be adjusting their rescue date this week! Today we will be going to Lima again for a reunion for my companion but when we come back to Ica we will hit the ground running! Because this week is GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! WOOHOO!! The women’s conference was so good! I loved the talks on pride!! SOOO GOOD and really what I needed! I also loved the talks on faith. Very humbling to hear. The Lord always provides answers to our specific questions. 

Other than that there have been no changes here other than our family of investigadores...are still amazing. The family Chavez are all progressing beautifully in the gospel and love coming to church and also are so excited for general conference this weekend. They are a miracle in our area. To be honest there are so many miracles in our weeks, in our days, and in almost every moment it is crazy to think about how much love our Savior has for us. I know that my Savior lives and that He loves me. I know that this gospel is true. I know that my mission has changed my life already, I can´t wait to serve every single day to the fullest. Always be obedient, humble, and diligent in the gospel.

I love you momma!!
Love you to the moon and beyond and to the eternities!!!
Love, your little girl,
Hermana Lawrence

This week the pictures are a little scarce...sorry! But you get some very beautiful pictures of my companion who stole my camera(; Then you get a picture of us yesterday! The girl is Sonia and she is the best!! She is leaving in 1 week for her mission and she always accompanies us! I am going to miss her so much! She is the best!! But she is going to be the best missionary! She has the best personality and is always happy. We all wanted a picture because she is like our other half. I love her so much!!! 

(Esa hermana se llama Sonia! Ella es lo maximo!!! Ella se va en la mision en una semana y ella siempre nos acompaña. Voy a extrañarla bastante!!! Es tan linda!! Pero ella será la mejor misionera allí en Argentina! Ella tiene la mejor personalidad y siempre está feliz. Todos queríamos una foto porque vamos a extrañarnos. Mucho va a cambiar en una semana y queríamos un recuerdo. La quiero tanto!)

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