Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Monday, July 4, 2016

2 MONTHS!! June 20 - Week 3 in Ica, Peru

June 20, 2016 letter       Father’s Day 2016

I have tons of pictures to share this week! We went to a zoo that was really ghetto but really cool! My companion and I have been hard at work with the people down here in Ica. We have been working with a family by the name of Familia Uchuya and they are to be sealed this 25 of June and my companion and I get to be in the temple for it! We have also been working a lot with an Hermana by the name of Luzmery who is a rescue, and she just started on her Mission Papers!

Ica is amazing and the people that we are working with are just so kind! My companion and I also gave talks in church this week and that was really scary I will not lie. But I think it went well!

To all of those on this list that are father´s, FELIZ DIA DEL PADRE!

But yes, everything is amazing down here in Ica, and we are dying of heat in the winter time. Every day it is hotter and hotter and we are in the middle of winter!

But we have 2 investigators with a baptismal date and 4 others who are on their way to baptism as well, who are slowly but surely working to be converted to the gospel and have firm testimonies. We are so blessed to be here and I love the people so much!
Hermana Shylo Lawrence

At the ghetto zoo - Bruce Willis lookin' good!

Real turtles

Up close and personal


Shylo learned to make delicious empanadas!!

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