Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4 - Week 5 in Ica, Peru

July 4, 2016 – Week 5 in Ica, Peru

This week was a good, hard week! We started Monday off with the Haucachina! Which is an oasis in the middle of a desert! It was so fun! The hermanas from Pisco came up and we climbed to the top together! Hermana Giler and Hermana Pereyra. And after we finished p-day we taught the familia garcia. They are a family of investigadores. They had tons of questions but the questions were awesome! They were amazing and they just wanted to learn more! And then the rest of the night we were rejected so we just street contacted! 

But then Tuesday we taught a cute little family of investigadores also! The mom is Veronica and her son is 8 and his name is Omar and then she has a little baby girl. They were really interested because she wants to find the happiness and peace in this life. She is really sad right now because her husband cheated on her and then left her. She is the best and wants to learn so much, she said that she just wants to be as happy as we are. It broke my heart but we got to teach so much doctrine to help. Then we taught the Familiy Uchuya that got sealed the other week! We all talked about the temple and eternal marraige and how they felt and it was awesome! And we also taught our recent convert Carlos! Hes the best! He is preparing for his mission so we talked about the Patriarchal blessing and now he is preparing to receive it! Woohoo! 

And then on Wednesday we didn´t have a whole ton of success because no one was home! So we just knocked doors, and street contacted! But then later in the evening we prpared for an activity for Friday with our mission leaders and it was really fun! We got all ready for the people to come on Friday! And then we had a 2 hour long meeting with Bishop on monthly goals and how we are doing and more less active names. So now we have 24 less actives we are working with! Woohoo!

And then Thursday in the morning we had a meeting with the Hermanas de Family History via skype. We talked about how we can improve and how we can better work with our leaders to have more lessons in family history to help people get to the temple! It was good! And then we taught Fernanda our investigadora who is progressing! Woohoo! We taught her the restoration and invited her to baptism and she accepted but didnt accept the date. So hopefully through more knowledge she will accept. She loves reading the book of mormon!! And then we visited a lady in the ward named Carmen and she is an active member! But she is really really sick right now and the doctors dont know what is wrong. Pray for her please. And we received a reference from her so we get to contact another person! Woohoo! And then we also taught hermana Ismena Atala who is a recent convert! She is preparing for the temple and so we taught all about family history and what to do and why we do it and how it helps us and our past and future generations. And it was great!! She´s getting ready for september! 

And then Friday we had divisions and I was with Hermana Russell from Sandy, UT here in Ica! And we taught a little old lady named Norma who honestly is the best. She accepted baptism as well without a date. So we just keep working! We taught the restoration and showed her Thomas S Monson and she said that the organization of the church is just so precise! She´s so cute! And then we had the activity! And it was all about the spirit world after this life and it was really fun but also really spiritual. We had about 25 people show up and it was just the best! 

And then Saturday was a day that we walked, talked, and knocked a lot and just bottom line were rejected everywhere. Very good, very hard. 

And then Sunday we fasted and attended church and it was awesome! We fasted to have success with our investigadores, that they will accept the date and that more people will want to come unto Christ. We also had a lesson with Fernanda about Plan of Salvation and she loved it. And when we were talking about the Celestial Kingdom I think that she realized that she needs to be baptized. It was an awesome lesson full of the spirit. 

Hermana Shylo Lawrence

Haucachina - an oasis in the middle of the desert!

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