Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Thursday, August 25, 2016

July 11 - Week 6 in Ica - New Companion!!

July 11, 2016                 Week 6 - Ica, Peru

This week has been a pretty good week! Hermana Zuchel is off to Lima to open a new area and train and I am here in Ica with my new companion Hermana Mostert! She is the best! She is from California but has moved a ton like us! But to way cool places like Japan and China and Mexico. And her Spanish is perfect because her mom is from Mexico and they speak Spanish in the house! Honestly it is such a blessing to have her as my companion because I can ask so many more questions about how to say this or how to say that and she can answer back in a way that I 100% understand!

But this week we had some low numbers. Which was sad. But always the Lord is helping us, always. We ran into some really cool people while we were contacting and saw some really amazing miracles with people wanting to come back to the church. We are so blessed here. And we have been trying to work a lot harder with our menos activos because we have a lot and we really want them back in the church, but we had a lot of people that just didn´t want us this week! But it´s okay because we seguir adelante and continue to love them and work even harder. 

Woohoo for the stomach flu! But thankfully it was only 2 days long and passed like it never was there! But yes, it was the night of cambios and if the video will send, it is why I looked like death. 

But this week has been very humbling. I have seen more miracles this week with protection and also with help with the people from the Lord. It has been a great cambio and here is to Cambio 2 with Hermana Mostert! Woohoo for dilligent work and slowly but surely we are progressing! 

My new companion, Hermana Mostert

Cupcake and milk to celebrate Mom's Birthday ... Happy Birthday Mom!!

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