Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Aug. 23 - Letter from Shylo's Companion & pics

We didn't hear from Shylo on Monday this week and was starting to worry when Tuesday, Aug. 23rd, her companion wrote me a short note to assure me she was alright. Such an answer to a Momma's worried heart for me! This is what Hermana Mostert wrote:

Dear Sister Tricia.
Hna Lawrence had to go to LIma for a surprise training so to make sure you wouldnt worry, because she wont write till thursday, she gave me your email. Your daughter is doing just fine, were working hard out here in Ica and seeing many miracles. I must add that I do love her dilligence and love for all the people here. Also that now she like to go out and run in the morning. Were excited for another transfer together. Anyways here is some photographic evidence that your daughter is indeed well.
Hna mostert


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