Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Thursday, August 25, 2016

July 25 - Week 8 in Ica - A week of Miracles

July 25, 2016                 Week 8 – Ica, Peru

This has been a week! A WEEK OF MIRACLES. We have 4 investigadores progressing for a baptismal date! The Lord has been very kind to us down here in Ica. And wow has it been hot. It is winter but the sun still comes out and is like 70 degrees in the middle of winter! And then the night drops to about 45-50. So it´s a bit of a difference.

But it sounds like you and dad had a really good time in DC! And that is so awesome! I am so happy to hear about the house! And I am so excited for dad and Caiden´s birthday! The day after here is Independence Day and so we will also be celebrating this entire week for their birthday(;

But this week we had 11 lessons with a member present and we had 9 new people that we taught! A bit of an improvement from 4 and 3 last week! I have all my journal entries that you can read so that you aren´t completely lost! But this really has been a good week and we have worked really hard. I haven’t worked this hard in all of my life. Anddddd I am so out of shape haha. It is terrible but thankfully my companion is helping me and we go running even though I die. But it´s okay I am improving! I think. 

Hermana Lawrence


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