Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Aug. 8 - Week 10 in Ica - More pics and journals ...

Aug. 8, 2016                 Week 10 – Ica, Peru

Buenas tardes mis queridos hermanos! Esta semana! Wow! But don´t worry I will write in English(: It´s been a while since I have written! And a lot has happened! But I never have sufficient time but I will try to hit all the big details(: 

What a week in little ol Ica, Perú! This past Monday and Tuesday were in Lima for a meeting! My companion was in meetings and I went with other Hermanas to their area and we had lessons! I went to a place called San Juan en Lima and we had a lesson in family history. It was a really good lesson with a really great family! I got to know the two hermanas that I was with, that are in the picture from this week! Hermana Luna who is working in San Juan and the Hermana Primintela who is working in another part in Lima called Villa del Salvador! Both of them are the best and just so nice! And then when we traveled home on Tuesday we didn´t get home until 11:30 which is soooo late! We got a little angry with the elders(; Not really we traveled with them but we definitely didn´t go running the next morning because we were realllly tired. But then the rest of the week we worked a lot with out Less Actives and recent converts! And this Sunday we had 2 of our less actives come to church for the first time in YEARS...The Lord always works miracles!!

And the sad news from this week, two of our sweet little investigators have lost their date of baptism because they don´t feel prepared. But we continue to love them and work with them so that they feel prepared to be baptized because we know that it is so important to live with our Heavenly Father after this life! We want them to have their forever with their families too!

The picture of my companion is from this morning in our companion planning. We received a phone call from the elderes de pisco saying that their had been some problems that we needed to help them resolve so my companion was calling every person and her face in the picture is from 4 phone calls later(; She was on the phone for more than an hour so I cleaned the house(: It was a good morning! And this week really has been good! We have seen the Lord help us every single day and honestly this is the best place I could honestly be. The mission is the most amazing experience I have ever experienced. I love this gospel and I love my Savior. I love the people here in Ica as well(; Have a great week I will write again soon! 

Hermana Shylo Lawrence

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