Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Monday, November 21, 2016

Nov. 21 - Week 8 full of miracles and blessings!

Nov. 21, 2016 - Week 8 in Lima, Bolognesi area

Well yes..thank you for reminding me that I have a very sad number 7 now. I love the mission so much everytime I have one month more it is just sad jaja. But yesss 7 months I have been here in the mission and it is the best! These have been the best, hardest 7 months of my life and I wouldnt change anything!! The mission is the best privilege that I have ever been given. I have the best boss in the world and I strive my best every day to magnify this calling that I have as well!! 

This week has been full of miracles and blessings! We were blessed to find a new investigator who has been prepared from the Lord. His name is Jonathan and he is doing very well. He is humble, and he is ready to enter into a covenant with the Lord. We were blessed to be able to find him. The Lord has been so good to us here in Bolognesi. Has it been hard? Yes. But what is life without a challenge? Sometimes I think that the Lord tries us to see if we will be obedient and then He gives us the gold. Jonathan is the gold. And I know that it is because we have fought Satan to be obedient here. I know that the Lord gives us trials that together with Jesus Christ, we can always overcome. Can we overcome challenges alone? Maybe..but it is going to take a lot longer than if we would just trust in the Lord. 

Something that I really enjoyed from this week is a quote that my companion Hermana OƱate told me. She said that "we have walked more than the family of Lehi in the desert" here in Bolognesi. (Story of Lehi is in the Book of Mormon) I was laughing so hard but it is true. It has been a week of walking but the Lord has blessed us with those who are ready and prepared to hear the gospel. So for that I will continue walking and giving my 100 percent. I can´t give any less. 100 is what the Lord requires and I will always try my hardest to be 100 percent obedient and submissive. And I will keep working on developing the Christlike attributes of patience and humility and charity. I think that these 3 are lifetime goals because we will never be as humble, as obedient, and as loving as Christ. But I will die trying! 

The mission is the best time of my life and I am beyond blessed by the Lord to be here. I am humbled to be called His servant. I love my Savior and I know that He lives. I will testify of Him until the day I die. I love you so much!! I love you to the moon and beyond!! Love, your little girl, Hermana Lawrence

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