Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Monday, November 14, 2016

Oct. 31, 2016 - Week 5 in Lima, Bolognesi

Week 5 – In Lima, Bolognesi Area             Oct. 31, 2016

jajaja oh mami.Tenga paciencia porque *al que cree, todo le es posible* Te amo mami! Ask dad what it means because it makes more sense in my head in spanish. Love you mami(:

Hermana Shylo Lawrence
mami, saddest news of the day...I found out that my companion Sister Richardson from the CCM returned to her house early. It broke my heart this morning I hope that everything is okay. Do you want to stalk her for me on Facebook? Her name is Makenna Richardson and she is from Idaho. I hope that she is okay. 

I love the pictures!! Everyone looks like they are doing so well! Sabe que?? I was talking to my companion and was telling her about grandpas waffles and that is sooo rude that you even sent me that pictures. Really? Do you know what I am eating here?? Obviously not or you wouldnt tempt me with those horrible pictures(: Goodness I love you mami!! 

Hey mami(: What a hardddddd week it has been here in the mission. The numbers were low and to be honest so were the animos. I cant remember what that is in english so you can ask dad. We have had a whole bunch happen this week! To companion has been in a bit of a rough patch this week. I decided that I needed to call the health secretary to tell him everything that has been going on with her. Because honestly she really hasnt been here mentally. She had one day where she litterally did not want to work and I did everything. So I called him and she talked to him and then we called Hna McGinn to help her a little more. It was good and now we will be talking with the psycologist Elder Raeside. he is the best!! But yeah so that was probably the most interesting that has happened this week! So we will see how that goes because she will be calling today. I hope that everything goes well and that he can help her! 

I wrote in my journal a little bit this week so I will send you a couple days to catch you up and the family up on what all has been happening here in Lima! I love you so much mami and hope that all is well!! I loved all the pictures!!! Love you to the moon and beyond!!! Love, your little girl, Hermana Lawrence

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