Pre-Mission Pictures

Pre-Mission Pictures

Monday, November 14, 2016

Oct. 24 - SIX MONTHS!! - Week 4 in Lima, Bolognesi

Week 4 – In Lima, Bolognesi Area             Oct. 24, 2016

JAJAJA MAMI your letter this week made me laugh a lot!! jajajaja! Well this week was really good! A lot of walking and a lot of dogs like always but hey it wouldnt be peru without the dirt and the dogs(; But no the week started off well and we were making all of our goals and it was great! Then guess who decided to get sick and throw up in the street?? This girl. Welp I have officially vomited on Peru(; JAJAJAJA. No but really we were in an activity and were walking around and finding people in an area that doesnt have missionaries and welp yeah I didnt feel very good and then I threw up. And then joined that with 2 other times as well. And then we went to the church building to tell the secretary of salud that I had thrown up and he told me that I had to go home. But we were only in correlation so he said that I could stay because we were just sitting there. But then I went to the bathroom and threw up again so he told me no more, that I was more disobedient if I didnt go home, and that made me upset but I went home and went to bed. Soooo we didnt make all the goals this week but today I do feel much better. Nothing bothering me with my stomach, I think I just caught a 24 hour flu and it passed with little damage. 
So sad to hear about Dotti but am glad she went to a good house! Makes me happy to hear that she is happy! And I totally told you all to get a shitzu when I was like 12 but yall didnt want it...hmmmm. Yes a yorkie please! I hate all peruvian dogs. They are ugly and have diseases. Its horrible. I will never own a dog after my mission I just cant handle it. Nope. I like fish that is for sure. 

But yes I am sorry that I haven't been writing as much but I feel much better this week and I feel like I have some time! But yes I also had an interview with Presidente McGinn this week and it was the best. He told me that he could feel my testimony and that I just shone and that he could feel how strictly obedient I am being. It was what I needed to feel and hear. It was amazing and he helped me a lot. I am blessed to have him as my mission president. I love my area and I love my ward! It is a little more difficult but we are working hard!! I love you and the family so much and am so glad to hear that you are doing well!! I love you all so much!!!! Can you believe that we are almost in November?? I cant believe that I have 6 months. EWw. I LOVE YOU!!! I love you to the moon and beyond!!! Love, your little girl, Hermana Lawrence

Fotos from this week! Service with turtles and just some silly companion pics, oh and I now have 6 months in the mission. Woo...

6 months out!

Hermana Coupier

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